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Moisture Healing Balm
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Does your hair need Healing? Mikal Clay MOISTURE HEALING BALM is a daily moisturizer formulated to help aid in healing dry, brittle, damaged hair and scalp. Thus, creating a healthy enviornment for hair to GROW! When applied to the hair, moisture is replenished, giving hair an improved texture, softness and shine. When applied to the scalp, the Aloe and Shea Butter enriched formula aids in healing dry and itchy scalp to create a healthy environment for hair to grow without weighing the hair down.
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Thrust Therapeutic Scalp Stimulant
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  THRUST Therapeutic Scalp Stimulant - a blend of natural botanical extracts - brings a new meaning   to the terms invigorating and stimulating! The tingling sensation it creates testifies to its revitalizing   action as THRUST removes excess oils and buildup that can clog the hair follicle while it increases   blood circulation and accelerates growth! THRUST allows essential nutrients to be drawn t o the root.   Regular   use enhances hair maintenance and promotes a healthy environment for continued hair   growth. Its   restorative ingredients soothe, tone, and moisturize. THRUST works best when used with   VitaStrand All Natural Hair Vitamins or any of Mikal Clay's other fine hair care products…

                         RECHARGE Purifying Shampoo
                         ENCOURAGE Moisturizing Revitalizing Conditioner
                         CLA Leave-In Conditioner

  Will cause redness at site of use which should be considered normal

Meantime Thin Hair Enhancement Fibers
22g Bottle of Mikal Clay Meantime Thin Hair Enhancement Fibers (Don't forget to choose color)
Meantime Thin Hair Enhancement System
Works best when used on clean dry hair. Meantime Thin Hair Enhancement System Includes the Thin Hair Enhancement Fibers, hair attraction spray, mirror, cape, and applicator tool. Meantime fibers attach to the hair like a magnet to the hair. They adapt to ANY texture, and can be shampooed or wiped off with a wet towel daily for best results. Meantime answers the question "what do I use in the meantime while using the Mikal Clay Treatment system (VitaStrand Hair Vitamins & Thrust Scalp Stimulant). Do not keep Meantime on the hair / scalp longer than 5 days without shampooing the hair & scalp. Using Meantime will give you the Instant boost of confidence and can cover that thin area in as little as 10 seconds! Meantime can be combed, picked, and manipulated (depending on how long the hair is). Meantime is not suggested for totally bald spots (spots with little - no peach fuzz). Use our Hair Attraction Spray before or after to intensify hold, during workouts or active living. Meantime won't stain, nor damage clothes or bedding.
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