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  Product Developer, Educator, Motivator
Mikal Clay, known as the "Hair Doctor"

As a young man growing up on the south side of Chicago in the '80s, Mikal was seen as upbeat and unusually optimistic, extremely competitive, overly ambitious and professional, and forward thinking. While other kids his age were playing hide and seek, riding bikes, and staying outside until the street lights came on, Mikal could often be seen walking to and from school or work-as onlookers wondered what was in him that was so different from what was in them or anyone else. Many questioned what motivated him, if he was normal, and skeptically listened as he often shared stories about how he was going to change his situation, potentially theirs, and most certainly the world's…

Mikal's tremendous passion for life and down to earth mannerisms effortlessly began to capture the attention of the most unlikely of audiences. He used his youth and ability to vibe well in most social settings to become an early influence on young people in the community, as well as on anyone who seemed to have a dream and faith that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens [them].

Soon after graduating high school, Mikal became a licensed cosmetologist, a goal he achieved when he was nearly 19. His subsequent efforts in cosmetology led to him developing a "NO SHEARS" technique for cutting hair, which alluded to decreased safety concerns in jails and prisons. It was around this same time, while studying Bio-Chemistry at Aurora University where he earned his BS, that Mikal received razor-sharp clarity about his mission and God's promise. Thus resulting him to clearly focus his efforts on "Changing Lives from the Inside Out through more than Chemistry." With his quest made clear to him, Mikal made an even more passionate and direct statement for his crusade: He wanted to dedicate himself to closing economic gaps, to becoming a businessman and educator who will establish a national brand (the "Mikal Clay" brand) and a legacy. He wanted to become an authority on developing innovative hair care solutions for diverse ethnicities and to become one of the most knowledgeable hair care professionals in the industry.

Pursuant to his proclamation, Mikal opened Positive Image Salon in Aurora, Illinois in January 1996. This is were he would not only help people with their hair issues, but test, research & develop products for himself and other leading haircare manufactures. Now as a young, educated Chemist, businessman and cosmetologist with uncompromising integrity, Clay was well positioned to expand his efforts to include life coaching services to inform, inspire, and equip patrons through inspirational and motivational speaking. Now with an even bigger audience, Mikal took his role even more seriously realizing that "life is worth nothing unless it is used to do the work assigned to [him]." As such, Mikal took even greater strides towards sowing seeds of success by creating an innovative line of hair care and body products known as Mikal Clay Products. This contribution to a $80 billion hair care industry-as a chemist, educator, and President of Positive Image, Inc., Mikal Clay Products, and now Pain Free Products Inc. garnered Clay national and international interest via the web, TV, and the airways of over 100 radio stations.

Today, Mikal Clay has created a strong brand and following as the host of "Hair Doctor Radio." Having trained over 500,000 hair care professionals on product usage, development and healthy hair care as "The Hair Doctor," Clay has been featured in Jet, Sophisticates Black Hair, Black Hair Styles & Trends, Being Single, Beauty Store Business, Salon Sense, Rolling Out Magazine, and Crain's Chicago Business. And commercials can be seen on the BET, TNT, Oxygen, TV1 and Lifetime networks.

Back in 2003, Mikal Clay products could be found in three stores. As Mikal often says, "God meets us at our level of expectation"; so, Mikal keeps increasing his expectations! Today, over 500 stores and close to 200 Walgreens stores distribute Mikal Clay products.

He is as a beauty store business states, "The Next Big Beauty Brand." He is Mikal Clay-"The Hair Doctor"






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